Best Celebrity Cookbooks?

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Oct 29, 2010
I know Flay and the TV boys and girls often get bad raps from certain sources, but I have a few of these Celebrity cookbooks I use and refer to often, and I think are very good. My top 5:

1) Bold American Food (Bobby Flay)
2) Adventures in Cooking (Keith Famie)
3) The Vegetable Book (Annie Bell)
4) Vegetables in the French Style (Roger Verge)
5) Blue Ginger (Ming Tsai)

I'd also cast a "yea" vote for Morimoto's "New Art of Japanese Cooking" but for the price of the book, the photography is terrible.

I'd really not want to part with any of these books. Anyone else out there find some of these celeb books useful?

If so, tell us your favorites.

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