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Chef Loo

Assistant Cook
Jul 28, 2006
Hello everyone, nice to see there is a reliable forums running for those who love to cook around the world. I myself am from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I am the sous-chef at a little restaurant that seats about 30 and I am just beginning my career in the art of cooking. I am going to be attending the Culinary Institute in September of this year, and currently I am gathering some tried, tested, and true recipes that work. I decided that I'd see if there were any forums kicking around for us cooks, and I am very pleased with what I have seen from this one. I hope I get to know some people around the world and I hope I can build up that book nice and big to show some people how to cook. Thanks everyone who decided to check in and see what I was about, again I hope I get a chance to know some people and I am excited to be in an environment where everyone has the same passion, cooking!

Half Baked

Executive Chef
Jul 16, 2006
Welcome Chef Loo. I'm sure you are excited about culinary school beginning soon.

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