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Sep 29, 2004
London, Ontario, Canada
Buffalo chopper...

If I understand what you mean by a "Buffalo" chopper, you mean to be able to high speed chop or slice vegtables etc. I beleive that they are quite pricey unless you find a beaten and abused old one. I would recommend that you consider a Kitchenaid Stand mixer and the add the slicer/chopper attachment. Or you can add a meat grinder, grain grinder and many more uses. It truely is a versatile machine worth studying before you buy. Hope this helps...Pst :)

Michael in FtW

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Sep 5, 2004
Fort Worth, TX
I'm not sure there is such an animal as a "cheap" buffalo chopper. You'll find a used one "cheaper" than new - but it still isn't going to be cheap.

I'm not a big eBay fan - but sometimes you can get a good deal there. I looked over the buffalo choppers listed and I would really shy away from the cheapest one ... unless you want to have it shipped directly to Hobart for refurbishing - which means it's not going to be as cheap ... and since it already has 26 bids on it I'm guessing it will probably wind up going for about $450-$500 ... plus another $100-$150 for shipping. The next best one is in Long Island, NY - for $900 - but it's pick-up only, no shipping. That leaves the one for $1,600 - and it's a 200-Volt model so you would need the electrical wiring to handle it.

Check your newspaper under used restaurant equipment. Also check your phonebook for someone who sells used restaurant equipment, or even someone who sells Hobart - they would probably know of a used one for sale. If you live in a small city - it would be worth checking out the same newspaper/phonebook sources in a large city near you.
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