Buttermilk Chicken wings

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Jun 3, 2004
Buttermilk Chicken wings.

5-lbs chicken wings, cut in 3-sections, tips discarded.
1/3-cup Kosher Salt
1/3-cup Brown Sugar
2/3-cup Spicy BBQ Rub (1/3 for brine, 1/3 just prior to cooking)
1/4-cup Louisiana style hot sauce
1/4-cup Warm water
1-gallon ziploc bag

In 1-gallon ziploc bag add brown sugar, kosher salt, BBQ rub, hot sauce
and warm water.
Manipulate bag until brown sugar and kosher salt are mostly dissolved.
Add chicken wing pieces, manipulate bag until wing sections are coated.
Add buttermilk to within 1-inch of top of bag.

Refrigerate for 4-6 hours. (I place the full ziploc in a bowl, so if it
leaks there's not a gigantic mess.)

Take wings from ziploc, rinse.
Coat with remaining 1/3-cup spicy BBQ rub.

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