Cake idea needed

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Janet H

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Jan 17, 2007
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Looks great! I was wondering about this the other day and what you ended up doing. What method did you end up using to make the imprinted strawberries?

The original recipe called for a thin paste made from cake flour, a little sugar, egg white and oil as well as a lot of food coloring. It was tough and chewy when cooked. I cut the flour way down and added whole egg. it improved the texture a lot - not perfect but better. The design is piped onto parchment and frozen, then the cake batter is poured over to bake, then invert.

Those are beautiful, and I love the presentation with all the fresh berries :yum:

The berries were an afterthought because we had a couple of gluten intolerant folks at the bash AND because I needed to gussy up the tray. There was ice cream to go with. win/win.

The cakes were made in 6 inch pans (chocolate), 7 inch pans (blueberry) and a small jelly roll pan. They were tall but not very big.
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Your cakes turned out stunning, Janet! I'm just now getting to view the images - for some reason most photos on DC stopped displaying on my phone or tablet a few weeks ago. Today was the first chance I had to sit and play on DC on my laptop.


Nov 16, 2017
OP - cakes look fantastic in your pics! Congratulations!

Although late to this party, I would like suggest a cake board (like a charcuteries board). I would offer carrot cake, chocolate, and flourless almond cupcakes. Plus I would offer toppings of nuts, berries, icings of flavoured buttercreams, cream cheese icing, lemon curd, and liqueurs including Frangelico, and Grand Marnier.

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