Chief's Pan-Fried Boneless Chicken Breast

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Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
I took what I know about meat, and how it reacts to heat, to try a new to me approach at pan frying boneless chicken breast. Most everything I see says to pound the flesh to an even thickness, season, and pan fry over medium-high heat for about 7 minutes per side. Check temp. with instant read thermometer, and serve. Now I know from roasting whole birds, and other meat roasts, the outside moisture bigins to squeeze out of the muscle tissues as they react to heat, first inward, and then out and into the pan, making great fond, or meat juicrs. After a desired temperature is reached, the meat is allowed to rest, so that the juices can redisribute evenly.

Her's my theory: don't cook the meat hot enough to sear it immediately, to avoid overheating the surface tissue, and that tissue just underneath. Instead, cook over medium heat in a lighly oiled CI skillet(no splatters), and cook seasoned chicken for two minutes per sde. Keep flipping for a total of 16 minutes. Check internal temperature. My only problem with this method was that all of the juices were in the breast. No fond developed in the pan
The chicken easn't pounded to an even thickness. soakefd in brine milk, or anything. just seaoned lightly with S&P, then pan fried
It was extremely juicy and still had a touch og malird browning.
I was very pleased with the results.

For a bunch of chicken this is too labor intensive. For one or two pices, it makes great chicken.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North


Assistant Cook
Dec 9, 2022
USA Austin
I appreciate your advice. I never really liked meat, so I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life. However, I started feeling symptoms of deficiency in iron and B12. I started experiencing fatigue, low energy levels and I’m always cold, amongst other symptoms. Supplements don’t help me anymore. When I went to my doctor, he advised me to start eating chicken. It’s a big change for me and I’m learning to cook it in a way that I actually enjoy, so I’m eager to try your tips. I don’t know a lot about cooking meat, I had to google Chicken Prices just to know what to expect. I’ll give an update once I try your method.
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