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Sous Chef
May 7, 2006
Northwest Florida
Town Square. The reader-written magazine, which explores the joys of small-town life, wants your recipes for traditional holiday cookies that represent your family heritage. The top three entries, based on taste, appearance and ease of preparation, will win $150 (First Prize), $100 (Second Prize) and $50 (Third Prize).
Here's how to enter:
  1. Provide accurate measurements of all ingredients and clear instructions for preparation. Include information about the history of the recipe, such as where it originated and what makes it special to your family. The recipes become the property of DRG and may be used in future publications. Read the full contest rules here.
  2. Submit no more than five entries per contributor, neatly typed or printed, each on its own 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of paper.
  3. Contributor's full name, address and phone number must appear on each recipe submitted.
  4. The deadline for entering is Aug. 15, 2007. Winners will be announced in the December issue of Town Square magazine.
Enter your recipes online at:
Or mail to:
Town Square Cookie Contest
306 E. Parr Road
Berne, IN 46711
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