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shannon in KS

Cooking Links Contest Winner
Oct 22, 2005
Wamego, KS
Sorry for missing this thread! Been a little amorously absent lately..

Thank you for all the congratulations! First, I would like to thank the Academy. Oh, and don't forget, Microsoft, and.... I know I am forgetting someone!!!!!! uuuum, Internet Explorer, Google, Ask Jeeves.... ummmmmmm. My parents, my family, and my daughter for being so independent and learning to raise herself whilst I spend countless hours on the internet with nothing to show but a sore bum from falling off my chair laughing.... my fish, rest his soul, who died a few weeks ago (I told him to quit eating his own poop, but he wouldn't listen). I told myself I wasn't going to cry (sniff sniff)

No really, when I was contacted, I sincerely and humbly asked to pass the crown on. I am so happy just to have the opportunity to have "met" and know all of you, and sit around for addictive hours on end chatting with all of you! That is a gift in itself! I am perfectly happy with everything I have already! Love ya all!!!! :angel:
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