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Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
Another one of those, how have I missed this line? things. I haven't finished reading it, but one that stands out in family history is when Mom bought a big ring sausage in a German market. I don't know why she didn't prick it, she always pricks hot dogs before steaming or frying. Anyway, she didn't, and presented my dad with this lovely, plump ring of sausage. He put a fork in it, and it exploded. And I mean really exploded. It hit the ceiling, then dripped down on his head. WE tried, and I mean really tried, not to laugh. But we were all in stitches, and all you have to do is mention the incident and my dad puts on a fake scowl (he has heavy eyebrows, and I can still see the sausage juices and bits of meat dripping from them) and us girls all fall into gales of laughter.

To this day I wonder if there is a big splat of grease and other drippings on the ceiling above the dining room at 10 Plutoweg!

Lesson: always prick your sausages before cooking, and maybe again before serving!!!!

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