Crazy 8 Cake

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Jun 1, 2004
this recipe I got from my grandma,a way back, from the old country gal:and the name implies to how much you use of the 3 ingredients. take 8 large eggs,seperate yolks and white into two seperate large bowls(yolks in one, whites in another(do not let any yolks get in here at all),now take the yolk bowl,add 8 tablespoons sugar, (now since this goes way back to olden times, she used a regular soup spoon,gently heaped full)and beat till light lemony in color,add 8 tablespoons flour,( again same as above,use a soup spoon,gentle heaped.)stir in till creamy, no lumps ,by hand,With clean beaters,whip egg whites till stiff peaks form,gently fold in egg white into egg yolks mixture,by hand,till completely mixed,BE GENTLE<NO WHIPPING>pour into prepared cake pans,9" round that has been greased/flour,bake at 350 degrees till toothpick inserted comes out clean,and cake springs back when getle pushed it center,remove from oven,leave cakes in pans, to cooling rack,invert cakes 5 minutes after cakes come out of oven on cooling rack, remove pans,cool completely, frost with vanilla or chocolate buttercream simple. ENJOY! :P
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