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Nov 8, 2004

I was out in a special area and I stopped in for a cookie.

This place was small but busy.

They had two self order kiosks but one was somehow not working.

I tried the kiosk method.

They only had 6 different cookies you can order for the week which was interesting for sure.

One cookie with tax was almost 5 bucks!

The Molten Lava cookie is a sumptuous dark chocolate cookie oozing with hot fudge and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I waited a few minutes as they were taking care of the customers ahead of me.

They had an LCD screen with a list of orders to go through which was nice.

They presented me with a cookie and closed the box.

The box for a single cookie is a 5 inch square. An impressive sized cookie for sure.

I left the small store and went to my car with the hot cookie and decided to eat it right away.

This cookie sure was a dark chocolate cookie for sure.

The dark chocolate flavor was super tasty for sure.

Good hot fudge filling for sure.

I was impressed for sure. A high end cookie that was worth a high end price.

A big thumbs up from me sure on the cookie but not a place I will go to on a regular basis due to the price but will be back for sure for some other flavors.

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