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Sep 14, 2004
If you could change a part of your body through plastic surgery would you? Have you? I'm not talking Joan Rivers ;) I mean if you had an area that needing some improvement and you had the money to do it would you?

I ask because I am considering it and have been for awhile. I'm still doing research. I'm actually getting one done and still considering the other and here's why:

1st (Sclerotherapy)..........this is a procedure for Spider Veins / Varicous Veins. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I got horrible leg cramps in my left calf. Not long after having him I developed a cyst in the bend of that leg. As a result the left knee and calf swelled a great deal so much that I ended up having Arthroscopic Surgery and Cyst Removal. Because of all this trauma to the area I developed some nasty spider veins and a few varicous veins. I rarely wear shorts........only at home with my family around. I don't show this leg in public because people always ask, "What happend to your leg". I've become very self conscious about it so I avoid wearing clothing that will show it except around my husband and kids here at home. I haven't been swimming in public for a very long time. So for this I have already decided I will be getting this done. I'm tierd of sweating my butt of in the summer ;)

2nd (Tummy Tuck)'s why: I'm what you would call Petite I guess....5' 2" and with an average weight of 110. I've had 3 pregnancies........with those I gained 55# - 60# - 65#. So you can only guess how big I was :LOL: With each pregnancy I was able to loose the weight but not the extra skin in the stomach area.....I was stretched beyond stretch :LOL: Anyway there is no amount of exercising that will rid a person of this. The only way is to either live with it or have a tummy tuck. I find that my insecurity of this area does affect my hubby and I's relationship. I don't feel comfortable to be in my birthday suit in front of him. Plus clothes don't fit like they should or could on this frame of mine with that extra skin. Cracks me up when people say, If i were tiny like you I'd wear this or that. Secretly a part of me wants to flash this tummy at them but I'm too embarrassed. Honestly I'm very self conscious about it. I guess the real thing that keeps me from doing it besides the cost is the thoughts and opinions of family and friends. I've thought about having it done and only my hubby and I knowing. The surgery doesn't really bother me since I've had 3 C Sections.........this won't be as bad as that.
Again..........just curious!

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