Delicious and easy apple pie baked in multi cooker

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Alisa Jkey

Assistant Cook
Aug 20, 2014
Good morning, I'd like to share the receipt I got from my neighbor. She bakes a wonderful apple pie in her Redmond multi-cooker.

1) Mix 1 cup of sugar with 3 big eggs, than add a cup of floor. Mix well again. Peel and than cup into pieces 3 big sweet apples.

2) Spread some cooking oil into multi-cooker bowl, put apple cuts and dough.

3) Turn the baking mode on for 60-65 minutes. Time can be vary from 55 to 70 minutes, in her Redmond mutli-cooker 60 is enough, but it can be more.
Ready! You get a delicious apple pie. Eat with whipped cream or simply with hot black tea.
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