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Nov 29, 2010
I made cupcakes for my mother's 56th birthday this past August, and have wanted to share the recipe for a while!

Although it was a store bought baking mix, I added some pizzazz!

Mini M&M's (mmhmm chocolate/color)
Walnuts/Chopped pieces of Rochester Ferrero (mmhmm crunch)
Marshmallow based filling, which was created by melting marshmellows. I put this filling in the heart of the cupcake!
I added some honey and some lemon to the batter! I know it sounds weird, but the citric tartness really does work. Please use sparingly though.

The last recipe is 60% dark chocolate pieces put on top of the cupcakes right after coming out the oven. They will melt, and make these cupcakes the best you've ever had. :)
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