Did you ever try and all cook the same meal?

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Jan 5, 2015
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Im not sure where the confusion is. Someone just name a dish, everyone ( who wants to and can participate , participate). And follow your favorite recipe and compare them on the thread.

Its supposed to be fun, and a nice way to compare different versions of the same dish. This will allow everyone to get new ideas and learn from each other, which will help initiate further discussion and comparing ideas.

At least, thats how I understood it when posted.

For example. Lets assume the first dish was chicken Parmesan. Im a vegetarian, and obviously wouldnt use chicken. BUT , I can make some sort of vegetarian "Fake chicken substitute ' parmesan, post it among all the other posts. Maybe someone who had vegetarian guests and wanted to try a vegetarian option for dinner would like my idea, and then use it in the future. OR, maybe I'd scan through the other recipes posted, and find a sauce that would be a great enhancement to my vegetarian dish.

%90 of the recipes and ideas I get from the internet, cooking shows and even here on this forum, I cant technically eat do to my vegetarian diet. But, I learn quite a bit of techniques, substitutions, partial recipe ideas that keep me coming back day after day for more ideas. So even for those who dont or cant participate on a certain recipe, you still may benefit from the posts.

Just saying :)


You nailed that, lol Thank you Larry, I wasn't thinking of a competition, more like just a comparison of your take on a dish, I think it would be interested to see what others serve with stuff, and its a good way to get people cooking...
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Jan 2, 2011
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I just did something like that over the weekend. I had to come up with two entrees (no desserts or appys) using lamb (because I have lamb in my freezer--keeping recipe development costs down). No exotic equipment/tools, limited amount of chopping, and to keep the dishes from prep-to-plate as close to 45 minutes as possible, 35-40 being the ideal, and at $8/plate or less. One dish was 33 minutes, the other 40 minutes. Both were under $8/plate based on the price I paid per pound for the lamb I had on hand. I think a selection of three proteins as the start point could be interesting...one lean, one red, and one protein that would be vegetarian selection but not specified, and a time limit...under 45 minutes, for example. That way, those who don't eat red meat but eat white/lean meat could participate as could vegetarians (and probably vegans).
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Dec 6, 2009
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A long time ago, I had a group of friends who use to have "And Cheesecake" parties. Within the group, there were four women who made unbelievable cheesecakes - and so they always made the And Cheesecake part of the meal. But the menus were things like: Chinese Food and Cheesecake, Meatballs and Cheesecake, Chicken Wings and Cheesecake. It was the most fun. Then everyone moved in different directions.

I think this idea sounds like a great time. But I would select something like "Tacos" or "Chili" or something generic where anyone could present their interpretation. That way, everyone could join in. Just my two cents.


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