Dieffenbach's Chicago Deep Dish Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Review...

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Master Chef
Nov 8, 2004
Picked this up at a Big Lots.

this is part of the Flavors Of America line of chips.

This bag did include a bunch of medium sized chips.

The chips were nice and crunchy.

I really do have to say the chips a tomato sauce flavor that i did like...

I do not think this had any meat flavor at all.

I am going to give this potato chip a medium sized thumbs up.


Chef Extraordinaire
Nov 9, 2011
East Boston, MA
Thanks Kleenex. I love your reviews of new products. I have yet to go down the snack and chip aisle at Market Basket. I need to spend at least 20 minutes or more in there. The problem is I will want to buy everything that looks good to me. :angel:

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