Dinner, Tuesday Dec. 11

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BBQ Mikey

Sous Chef
May 4, 2007
ended up being buffalo chicken salad topped with fries. It was good, i made dinner for the fam and they had the last call. I wanted meatballs....another day perhaps.


Chef Extraordinaire
Aug 19, 2004
My mountain
I'm going to bake some salmon fillets topped with a breadcrumb, melted butter, parsely and horseradish mixture. I'll serve with traditional rice pilaf and creamed spinach.

buckytom, sorry, but I wouldn't want to be you tonight, good luck this week!

thanks flourgirl. so far, so good. i stayed up 'till 3am making 75 meatballs (6 lbs. 88 percent ground beef, 2 lbs. ground pork, breadcrumbs, herbs, 8 jumbo eggs, grated romano, milk), and browning 10 lbs. of hot and sweet italian pork sausages, and then simmered them in 3 giant cans of hand crushed nina brand tomatoes.

i made so much i had to split it into 2 pots: a 20 quart lobster pot, and an 8 quart stock pot. tonight, i'll add several cups each of diced sweated onions, green bell peppers, and button mushrooms.


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