Do you enjoy drinking unsweetened hot black tea?

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Jun 13, 2018
Christchurch nz
I like green tea straight, but with black tea I use honey and cinnamon. I generally just drink green tea of late, followed by a cup of strong coffee with cream and sugar.

I'm enjoying the odd cup of coffee also with cream.



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Sep 13, 2010
near Montreal, Quebec
" Cast iron teapot can improve the water quality by releasing iron ions and absorbing chloride ions in water."
"The fully enameled interior helps preserve the taste of...."

the above is copied from their description of the teapot.. not sure it makes sense. Am I wrong?

That being said - it is a gorgeous teapot available in 3 sizes and a 4th in what they call a pagoda style. I'd also get the trivet as that pot will be hot. Great for keeping the tea warm.
If I drank tea.... and had the space....
No, I don't think you are wrong. That jumped out at me as well. I was looking to see what the coating was made of, since I had already read this,

It can be used to making tea or boiling tea, Japanese teapots is recommended to use small fire on stove top to prevent water from boiling and protect the coating from falling off.

Which makes it sound like you shouldn't even boil water in it. They do mention that it is good for boiled tea. I think they need a copy editor.


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Aug 22, 2023
The Netherlands
Yes, I drink two litres of unsweetened black tea day. Either Darjeeling or Ceylon. It's my favorite drink by far.

I drink two litres because my colon was surgically removed and I need to drink more than regular people because of that. I need to get 2.5 litres of fluid a day (normal is 1.5 litres).
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