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Assistant Cook
Jun 24, 2011
Hey guys! I found this forum while I was looking for a site to find more, awesome recipies. I usually go to Allrecipies.com, but they don't have discussions, and sometimes I have questions.

I enjoy cooking, and am getting more into baking. There isn't anything I wont try once, I love learning new techniques and what not.

Thanks all!


Master Chef
Sep 4, 2004
Galena, IL
Welcome! I lived in Florida for quite awhile, and the rest of my entire (and not exactly small) family live there. Questions are what we specialize in, here at DC. I joined quite awhile ago because I often find myself helping people in grocery stores. The most recent was some middle-aged guy trying to buy an avocado. He didn't have a clue, and since I was guying one, I guided him. If you're eating it today, this. If you're making guacomole, that. If you're going to eat it in a couple of days, that one. It was so funny. The produce manager walked through, rolled his eyes a little bit, and gave me the heads up. This seems to happen to me every few months or so, and I really enjoy it.

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