Foods The USA Has No Clue About

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Mar 1, 2002
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buckytom said:
i doubt the respondants have been to many places in america, so i understood them to be personal opinions or hearsay, however educated or not. if you've been around the u.s. and still think the food sucked, well, then you need a new guide. i would be happy to oblige.:) your dime tho...

i also happened to totally disagree with many of the responses. we have fantastic bread here (nyc), world class in fact. and great bangers, meat pies, etc., and we import our tea just as well as any non-equatorial country.

my objections are based on years of personal experience, not just prejudiced or biased conjecture.

that is i have regularly spoken with people, initially strangers - now friendly acquaintances, from all over the world when i used to work and hang out in pubs, almost on a daily basis. nearly all were very pleased with the food and related experiences, often to their surprise given what they'd heard.
to be sure, this was not always true about our culture, especially after truth serum was applied (alcohol).


I could not agree more!!


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May 10, 2002
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OK, I have locked this thread because apparently feelings are being hurt all over the place.

Mish, I would be sorry to see you go as you contribute so much to this site. I cannot let you say that you are not one of the folks "arguing", look at your last post. I am not going to point fingers and name names as anyone reading the thread can see who said what to whom.

I am a disappointed that this thread went the direction it did. I had hoped it would get back on track and become more lighthearted, as it was intended to be.

It seems odd to me that it is OK to "nudge" other cultures/Countries (I have been on the receiving end of some teasing about Canada, and have seen teasing of those in Australia recently as well) yet someone posts something about the US and there is a hue and cry like no other. I haven't had to lock any of those other threads because the people involved moved past it and didn't dwell on the imagined slights.

As for the Admins/Mods not doing things you want done or doing things you don't think should be done, forgive us. We are all volunteers, we work as a team and it is often a thankless job as is clear from the slams we regularly get in our PMs. We do it because we love this site, and we love the people we meet here. It is such a kick to talk to people from all over the world and I hope that all who were upset about this thread take a moment, and a deep breath and continue to post and enjoy the site.


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Jul 14, 2004
Alix said:
As for the Admins/Mods not doing things you want done or doing things you don't think should be done...
Just to add one more thing to what Alix said here, when we get suggestions we discuss them as a team and spend many hours talking and trying things and seeing if it is a change that we could implement or if it is a change that would not work. Just because your suggestion is not used does not mean that we just ignored it.

Mish we have implemented suggestions you have made in the past, but just because you make a suggestion you can not automatically think it is going to be accepted. that is all I have to say on the matter.
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