Friday July 1st - dinner anyone?

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Aug 19, 2004
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Bucky, I was intrigued by your take out menu so I had to Google
"scungilli fra diavolo". Have you ever made it yourself? Velly interesting.

Scungilli | Almost Italian

yes, i have made it at home, k-l. :chef:

but i've only used canned scungilli which is already tenderized and cooked. i just make a quick tomato sauce (not the long simmered kind) with lots of garlic, tomatoes, red pepper flakes. once the sauce is ready in just a few minutes, you just the add scungilli and liquid from the can to the sauce along with fresh basil. as soon as it's warmed up, it's ready.

i would love to get some fresh scungilli. if we go to florida next month, i'm going to try to get some fresh conch, clean and freeze it, and ship it home to myself.

if you like clams and calamari, you'd like scungilli. i don't know why, but a lot of italian places have it but don't put it on the menu. you have to ask for it. :)


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Jan 2, 2011
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Vanilla Bean-- I was always iffy on okra until I started growing it. I love okra now that I've opened my mind to eating it. My DH didn't think he'd like kale until we started growing it--ditto re: his attitude toward kohlrabi. He;s getting over his attitude about eggplant.

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