Gingerbread House Contest! $500 Prize!

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Assistant Cook
Nov 10, 2010
New York, NY
This Old House, America’s most trusted home-improvement brand, is announcing the launch of its 2010 Gingerbread House Contest. Enter a photo of your “sweetest” creation for a chance to win. (link:

Need inspiration? View our 2009 winners, (link: Grand Prize: Winter Wonderland Victorian Palace | This Old Gingerbread House Contest Winners | Photos | Home & Real Estate | This Old House) eight amazing award-winning creations (link: Award-Winning Creations | Astounding Gingerbread Houses | Photos | Home & Real Estate | This Old House ) and the experts’ suggestions for the best tools to build your gingerbread house (link: Tools for Making Gingerbread Houses | Tools to Make Gingerbread Houses | Photos | Hand Tools | Tools and Products | This Old House).

View our complete contest rules at (link: No purchase necessary to win. Happy Holidays!
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