Gordon Ramsay

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Jun 26, 2021
Parma, Ohio
I got back to 2017 and saw no mention. You know it was bound to happen.

That foul mouthed creature does good actually.

I see the structure of the show, Kitchen Nightmares.

First he goes in and tries their food, he never likes it.

Then he goes to the kitchen to see how bad of a mess it is, and he finds nasty things.

Watching a bunch of those I dunno if I want to go to a restaurant.

I also notice that not much in the way of cooking tips is aired.

What do you think ? For one I think he should do counseling or something. He is anyway. Comes in on these grown up children fighting amongst themselves ignoring their main goal. He raises them up.

And he changes the menu. THAT is where my interest lies.

Thoughts on this ?


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