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I can't find anything on about it..Called up May 15th and the show names... :badgrin: Can you give us some more information about what you saw...

Strike that! Here it is: ... 34,00.html

BBQ Blowout: A Grillin' & Chillin' Special
Join Bobby Flay and Jack McDavid for a look at the American grilling experience. Jack shares a country and wood fire approach with some folks from his home. Bobby, in turn, gives a propane d'urban spin.

Not much info here...

Kloset BBQR

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Mar 2, 2005
Hudson, OH
I don't believe that Grillin & Chillin is referring to Bobby Flay's old show. May is BBQ month and I remember last year Fooodnetwork showing about 2 straight weeks of BBQ shows, comps, and themes on their regular shows. Emeril will probably show us how to do a two hour brisket and Bobby Flay will show us his 3 hour pork butt. I really enjoy the competition shows like the Memphis in May show they did with Al Rocher and the American Royal and Jack Daniels comps they've shown from past seasons. Hope there will be some updated material this year.

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