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Assistant Cook
Sep 26, 2002
Everyone's familiar with those peanut butter cookies that have the Hershey's chocolate kiss in the middle. By following the recipe, often times they come out hard and crunchy. Wondering what kind of revisions could be made to the recipe so they are a little more on the soft side. I realize that you could add less flour or perhaps more peanut butter (never a bad thing) but the dough needs to be firm enough that you can roll it into balls.

Any ideas?



Assistant Cook
Nov 27, 2002
you could try adding a little more peanut butter, but what i find that works is you dont cook it as longer, or you add more dough to each cookie. my boyfriend likes his cookies soft, while i like mine hard, so to solve this i normally add more dough to his cookies, and make mine smaller. solves our problem :)
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