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Assistant Cook
Jan 23, 2007
Christchurch, NZ
Hi, I ended up at this site looking for someone who used a wooden shortbread mould. My search turned up a recipe from Ishbel, and it worked just great with the carved wooden mould I'd got second-hand. The mould had clearly been used by a child to make sand shapes, but sterilized and oiled, it worked like a charm.

My mother wasn't very keen on cooking, so I learned most of my cooking from books over the years. I had a lot to learn since 1) everyone in NZ pretty much made all their own jams, cakes, bottled goods when I came here in 1970 and 2) there were so many things I couldn't get here then and had to make myself if I wanted that food. I had lots of time to do this when my 2 boys were small and at home, and got lots of practice when they were starving teens. Now they've flown the nest, I'm working on smaller amounts so my husband and I don't get larger.

The advice here seemed friendly and helpful, so here I am......


Executive Chef
Oct 13, 2006
Volos, Greece
Hi Louette, welcome to DC! Glad that you have joined us. Looking forward to your exchanging some nice NZ recipes with us. Have a great time here!
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