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Recipes Make Magic

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Aug 17, 2019
Vancouver, B.C.
A hearty hello from PAUL in Vancouver, Canada

Please bear with me while I tell you a bit about my cooking life and experiences so you can dump on me as you get to know me & my cooking:

I'm a 45 year career banker whose employers transferred me to many cities around the world, where all the differing cultures and cuisines quickly appealed to me, and which led me to collecting many cook books and trying numerous different recipes over many years -until I graduated just a few years ago to developing someof my own new recipe variations & creations.

Having spent a good amount of time living & travelling through Asia & Europe, you might guess that I became enamored of french, italian, spanish & greek cooking, some of my favorites, as well as chinese, japanese, singaporean, malay, & indonesian cuisine, to name just a few - and in recent years I've moved unto focusing on north american cooking, particularly mexican - which is topping the list as one of my favorites.

Moving on, and at the risk of you good folks thinking I'm just tooting my own horn, over the last few years I've even started to think I've become a reasonably good cook - since I've been receiving comments from our dinner guests,such as this for example:".....Paul, your cannelloni is to die for"; or...., "that paprika chicken thighs recipe of yours is a "killer" chicken recipe - best I've ever had" !

I think I'll start posting on this very interesting forum by soon posting my recipe for those... "killer chicken thighs".

I'll close by extending a big thank you to member Liz Streithorst, who is a dear & long time friend/mutual member,& cooking enthusiast from another forum, who encouraged me to join this forum, and who now calls me "Chef Paul"- which I have to believe it's because she truly likes my recipes !!!

Best Regards,

Paul - "Recipes Make Magic" -
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Jan 19, 2017
Welcome to DC. I live in Texas, so I have eaten a whole lot of Mexican/Texican food. It is good stuff, and really very simple.

If you go to any restaurant in Dallas, you are technically eating Mexican food, because the whole kitchen staff is Mexican. :LOL:

Like foods from pretty much every nation, Mexican food in the US has been Americanized. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- at least not here in Texas.


Cheryl J

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Jun 4, 2012
Welcome to Discuss Cooking, Paul! I remember Liz Streithorst from a couple of years back, but haven't seen her post since then.

I also very much enjoy Mexican inspired cooking, and have it often here in SoCal. :yum: Jump on in and have fun!


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Apr 1, 2016
Moselle MS
Amazing the folks you meet on different forums. Paul and I met on a fish forum of all places.

Cheryl, you're right. It's been a long time since I've had anything to say here. I've still been checking in regularly to see what is going on.

Folks, as long as you enjoy prep you will fall in love with Chef Paul's recipes just as I have. Welcome, Paul. I can't wait to see the reactions to your Killer Chicken Thighs.

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