HELP - Tapioca not cooperating!

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Aug 15, 2010
I am at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong in the Tapioca Pudding department. I have attempted this pudding many times and using many different methods and my pearl tapioca ALWAYS disintegrates and turns into a starchy mushy mess with no chewy squishy balls at all :ermm:.

I have tried using a slow cooker, I have tried the oven, and the stove top. I have pre-soaked in water and in milk. Pretty much as soon as I add the liquid to the balls, I can see them breaking down and dissolving. I have tried different brands. What the heck???

I have googled this for the past hour and can't find ANYONE else who complains of this..everyone just oohs and aaahs about this amazing dessert and how easy it is to make.



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May 16, 2010
Shay, have you tried sago instead? They look very similar but whereas tapioca is from the tuber of the cassava, sago is from the pith of the sago palm. They are interchangeable and you might get better results from the sago.
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