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Captain Morgan

Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
what night ya'll want to get together? I'll bring 2 racks of ribs, one my way, and thinking of doing one with Texas Pepper Jelly..ya'll ever had that stuff?

Contact me before you leave, I don't think I have your phone number anymore.

Bill The Grill Guy

Master Chef
Jan 17, 2005
Hey Cappie,
What ever works for you. We dont have any plans other than Rest and Relaxation :suns: . Let me know how your schedual works. If one evening is better than another that would be great. We will be getting down there Saturday and leaving the next Sat so,,,,,,,,,, we are very flexable.

Havent tried the pepper jelly yet :D . Kathy said she will make the pasta salad for you. :!:

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