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Bill The Grill Guy

Master Chef
Jan 17, 2005
Here we come :razz: . We have waited a year for a tast of those fantastic ribs. I've tasted a lot of ribs, but none are worth the wait of a year except yours. We leave this morning and should be in Ocean Island by 3pm :( . Planning on making a run to Holdens Seafood for some shrimp for dinner tonight :D I will give you a call when I get down there.

The rest of you, have a great week.

Captain Morgan

Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
It is pressure. I got lucky on that cook, probably the best I ever did, now I have to repeat it! Can't wait to use my new rib rack though.
Oh well. My ribs are kind like sex....when they're good, they are great, and when they're bad.....they're still pretty damn good! :D
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