i can't believe what a difference it can make.....

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Senior Cook
Jul 17, 2006
Central IL
Well for the longest time i ate garlic bread with the quick and easy just put some butter or oil on it and then sprinkle garlic salt on. This week, because of a recipe i made, i made an overabudance of garlic oil. Well i tried this for making garlic bread and i can't believe what a difference it makes. To me the taste is night and day. All i do is get the garlic oil out of the fridge and spread it on and bake. From now on this is the way i will make garlic bread. You have to be careful with garlic oil of course because of possible botulism problems. I keep my garlic oil in the fridge and if i don't use it within a week i will throw it out.



Assistant Cook
Sep 7, 2006
Don't keep me in suspense ncage, what is the recipe?? :P
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