I Don't Understand Professional Chefs

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Oct 17, 2004
When I was in culinary school, albeit only for 3 month, they made us fold towel certain way. Supposedly it was the ergonomic design and meant to be very useful. So, I will also take chef's side on this one. He is the one who pays them, he is the one to decide. I have to wear uniform at work, I much rather not, but who cares. Boss is paying, I'll wear whatever uniform he wants me to, including tutu :LOL:;), well, maybe not tutu. :angel:

Andy M.

Certified Pretend Chef
Sep 1, 2004
I agree it sounds a little weird, but I believe the intent is to teach attention to detail and the ability to follow orders. "No matter how small, all details are important..."


Senior Cook
Dec 29, 2012
Ya I'm going with the Chef also.
The object is to turn out the exact same dishes every time. This means all the staff must function as a whole with precision.
Having the towels folded exactly the same way by everyone using them means everyone who picks one up knows what to expect. Same with every other item in the kitchen. I've worked in restaurants where the chef insisted that all handles on all pots and pans must be positioned the exact same way every time.
Every hot handle had to be positioned differently then cool handles. There were all kinds of these 'rules'. They made for a peaceful quiet very efficient workplace.
Lots of people who work in restaurants can't get work or don't want 'straight work' anywhere else. These people tend to be independent thinkers/doers. They can have a difficult time adjusting to a rigid sets of rules/standards pretty much found in every good/great restaurant. Which explains the high turn over in resturant staff.
Then there are staff who function best under rigid rules. They tend to be 'career cooks' some of whom want to learn the business and then open their own (God help them LOL)
Look at TV shows showing the workings in a three star restaurant. You can see how regimented everything is......including how people are using towels.
You'll never see a line cook flapping around a towel any which way. It's all got to be precision.
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