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Assistant Cook
Nov 7, 2010
Green Bay, Wisconsin
hello all other cooking addicts! I'm new here and excited to find a good forum to discuss cooking stuff on and share tips/recipes/ideas!

I consider myself a moderate cooker already.. i can whip out a cheesecake like it's nobody's business.. i can make a roux. and i can even cook an egg over easy! lol. I am not creative though in cooking. I may vary a little from a recipe, add a little more garlic, etc.. but mostly, i follow it. But i do like trying new recipes, re-creating my grandmother's dishes (fantastic baker) and finding awesome new recipes to try out on the family!

I am living in Wisconsin, mother to a 7 year old.. engaged, expecting a little one end of March! A student working on my Masters degree in counseling, working full time as a pricing analyst, so in depth cooking is left mostly for the weekends. I had Weight loss surgery in April 2009 and have lost 125 lbs... so now it seems i love to cook even more, but i just cant eat as much of it! (more leftovers for the family!)
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