Is this Frozen OJ spoiled?

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Assistant Cook
Jan 31, 2009
I bought some frozen orange juice concentrate yesterday frmo a tiny little store...perhaps the stock doesn't turn over that fast...anyway, it's been a while since I bought frozen oj and admittedly this wasn't a brand I'd ever bought seems browner in colour than I remember.

It smells fine. It (eep) tastes fine...I think. But I am sick as a dog with a cold (why I bought the oj in the first place) and so my sense of smell and taste is off.

I don't want to go out in the freezing cold again to buy more but I am sick and I want juice! :(

1. Do we think this has gone bad?
2. What will happen if I go ahead and drink a whole big glass of it?


Senior Cook
Jan 12, 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland
Well, it's something I picked up from the Bundys in Married... with Children. They applied the criteria to their water supply. I don't want to get sued, but if it were me, and the taste and smell were ok, I'd just drink it despite the colour or my subdued sensibilities.
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