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Dec 31, 1969
Hiya. Im a student living in UK. I want to be able to make smoothies etc, so was considering buying a cheap juicer. I dont want one that leaves all the pips and bits in through, because I could do that with a blender, I want to be able to extract juice only. If you have any ideas please email me at baaaaaaaa@hotmail.com

Phil :) :D


Aug 3, 2003
melbourne, australia, currently in israel
well, a juicer is a juicer. basically all appliance companies have one in their ranges. if you want a cheap one, they are easy to find. i dont think you can go wrong with juicers.
but personally, smoothies kick butt!!! first of all, juicers are annoying to clean, blenders are way way easier. also, with a blender, you are jooming up all the fruit, with the fibre and all, not just extracting the juice.
the best thing ever is taking some mango, dates, bananas strawberries and stuff like that, covering it with some skim milk and just pulsing it up. its the best breakfast ever, thick and healthy and easy to clean.
but a juicer is good. try carrot, tomoto and celery, with a bit of salt and pepper in it.
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