Just my opinion on Mercer knives

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Senior Cook
Mar 7, 2009
Naperville, Illinois
Americas Test Kitchen rated a Mercer bread knife as a best buy. They typically do a good job and will consider price. I bought one, my girlfriend is an incredible baker and it gets used often. When I wanted a breaking knife for trimming briskets for the smoker I bought another Mercer. I decided to get another Mercer chef's knife to fill in the order (Webstaurant.com has good prices, but have a good list since shipping is a bit high, IMHO) they have all been excellent knives. I run the breaking knife and chef's knife across a whetstone every couple weeks. Will put them up against my Zwilling Pro knife ($150 from Sur La Table) any day of the week. Webstaurant.com and Katom.com sell Mercer. Just me two cents.


Sous Chef
Nov 20, 2016
Those style knives just feel weird to me.

I run across them every once in a while at the thrifts. Not sure if I have one, might have to look and see. I think I might have a carbon steel one.

Knowing what it is used for may make a difference.

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