KFC Cheetos Chicken Sandwich and Mountain Dew Sweet lightning review...

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Nov 8, 2004

This is the limited time item for the month of July at the least.

The sandwich alone cost 4.79. For 2 bucks more you can get the combo with medium drink and a side. I picked up the combo for lunch....

The Sandwich comes in a special box which looked really nice.

The sandwich comes with a so called Cheetos sauce. Yes I am going to say that looks like liquid Cheetos dust. It has like the consistency of some of the previous sauces they came out with.

This sandwich here for me was a two napkin sandwich. One for the fingers and one for the mouth.

The sauce is not hot at all.

The sauce here is also not that special, but did work.

I did get at times that Cheetos crunch from the Cheetos.

I am going to give this sandwich a big thumbs up here for the fun factor. I say it worth a one shot try.

ONTO the Mountain Dew Sweet Lightning soda review...


This is supposed to be an exclusive flavor at KFC.

We got a peach and honey flavored soda here.

I say it tasted mostly of peach flavor.

It was sweet flavored for sure.

At least a medium sized thumbs up from me. Not really that special.
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