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Sep 17, 2004
I looked at the kitchen aid show on that TV channel where they sell kitchen aid for an hour... I wanted to compare prices with my local stores and with other online sources.
So my chefs catalog comes today. And the ice cream bowl for the mixer is almost the same price. I am begining to think that the big hala ba loo they make is just that.

Michael in FtW

Master Chef
Moderator Emeritus
Sep 5, 2004
Fort Worth, TX
It's a Catch-22 ... what you want and where you get it.

Sometimes, usually NOT, HSN has a good deal - but most of the time you can get something KA from Cooking.Com (CC) for the same price, or less, every day instead of rushing to the phone to order it during that "one hour" buy it now or kick yourself forever hour. CC doesn't usually have the wide color selection ... and sometimes when your buying a mixer you can get it from KA direct for the same price. But - I would NEVER buy any KA accesories from KA or HSN without shopping the prices at first.

It's just a matter of being "frugal" - or "cheap" - or "smart consumer"
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