Latest News: Don't Wash Chickens!

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Nov 9, 2011
East Boston, MA
Just be glad we don't have wings. We'd never survive the Chicken Super Bowl. :LOL:

To tell the truth if I saw a 10 foot tall chicken I'd head in the opposite direction as fast as my drumsticks would carry me. I'd at least check the type of mushrooms I used in that last recipe. ;)

I think slime has been misinterpreted. I haven't gotten slimy chicken but a high viscosity fluid is in the package and I'd like to get that off the bird before it goes in the pot or on the heat. :chef:

Rinsing is not to rid the poultry of bacteria. It's to get rid of the ookies. (Thanks Dawgluver. I love that term) :dizzy:

Common sense say's not to splash liquid all over the place while rinsing off the ookies but perhaps the article is needed because we all know where common sense is these days. :rolleyes:

The only reason I rinse them off is to get rid of the ookies. I know there is bacteria on them. But I am not going to eat the chicken raw. So when it is cooked properly, the bacteria and leftover ookies are taken care of. :angel:
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