Looking for a jam-filled cookie...

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Jun 9, 2010
I'm trying to find a recipe for a cookie that is filled with jam (strawberry/plum/etc.) These cookies are usually found at European Weddings, mainly Italian. But I've been told they aren't even Italian cookies. They look like mini croissants. And sprinkled/rolled with sugar (not icing sugar).

I have a recipe for Rugalach but that calls for cream cheese and I don't think the ones I'm looking for use cream cheese. But if I can't find a recipe for this particular cookie nor if anyone knows the name, can I use the rugalach recipe with just jam as the filling?

I have also just found this picture via tastespotting.com:

recipe found @ 5 Star Foodie Culinary Adventures: Plum Jam Biscuits

It looks exactly like the cookie I'm looking for but can anyone confirm? Despite the particular brand ingredients used, can I use any all-purpose flour and substitute regular sugar for the vanilla sugar? All other suggestions are welcome!
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