Ms. Mofet's Beef Pot Pie

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Apr 5, 2009
Ms. Mofet's Beef Pot Pie

Servings: 4

1 - 1.25 lb. boneless beef round strips for stir fry
1/4 cup medium diced onion
2/3 cup medium diced carrot
2/3 cup medium diced potato
2/3 cup frozen sweet peas
Oil of choice (I used coconut oil)
All purpose seasoning to taste
1 TBSP. butter

1 package brown gravy mix (I used Knorr Classic Brown)
1 cup water
Red wine (I used Burgundy) to taste
1 tsp. Gravy Master

3 TBSP. soft butter
3 TBSP. flour

Pastry dough for a one crust pie divided into 4 pieces
4 mini Dutch ovens (mine are Cuisinart)

Coat meat with oil and seasoning.
Add gravy mix, 1 cup water, wine and gravy master to bowl or measuring cup and mix well. Set aside.
Mash soft butter and flour into a paste consistency. Set aside.
Select Sauté mode and adjust to "More". Allow to heat.
When display says Hot add small amount of oil to inner pot and brown meat in batches; removing browned meat to bowl. Continue till all meat is browned.
Add 1 TBSP. butter and 1 TBSP. oil to empty inner pot. Add onion to inner pot.
Sauté onion till soft.
Add 1 cup water to inner pot and scrap to loosen any brown bits from bottom of pot.
Add meat back to inner pot.
Select Cancel button.
Lock lid then set valve to sealing.
Select Meat/Stew mode and adjust to "Less" (20 minutes). (Took 10 minutes to come to pressure)
(While pot is cooking the meat place carrot and potato in microwave safe bowl and cook till tender (approximately 5 minutes).)
When cycle is done (beep sounds) allow 10 minute natural pressure release (NPR). Then quick release.
When pin drops remove lid.
Remove meat and cut into bite size pieces.
Select Sauté mode adjust to "More".
Add gravy mixture and butter mixture to liquid in pot and stir well.
Allow to come to boil stirring till gravy thickens.
Press Cancel and unplug Instant Pot.
Remove inner pot to table/work space.
Add meat and veggies to inner pot and stir to combine.
Divide beef mixture between the 4 Dutch ovens.
Top each with 1 piece of pastry dough and crimp edge.
Place in a 450°F oven.
Bake for ≈20 minutes or until filling is hot and crust is browned.




Cuisinart mini Dutch ovens

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