Need help making lollipops!!

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Aug 8, 2021
Hi folks!

Trying my hand at making lollipops but I can't get past the candy base yet, never mind experimenting with flavors.Here is my problem with 3 attempts at cooking it (and keep in mind I have a brand new thermometer from the candy store):

1) I used too big a pot and didn't pay attention to my thermometer and burnt it, but the consistency for hard candy was great. I thought I might have cooked it on high too hard too fast.

2) My 2nd attempt I used a smaller pot and cooked the sugar and syrup at medium-high heat to boil and get it to 300F. However, it was gooey and never hardened.

3) My 3rd attempt I used my smallest pot and got to boil at medium-high heat, than turned it up to high until it hit 300F....same consistency as my 2nd attempt.

4) Another problem (mostly with the last two attempts), I'm finding most of the syrup sticking to the bottom of the pan so I can't pour it. I know you aren't supposed to stir it and I have a non stick pan so is that a problem with it not being cooked enough? Any thoughts on how I can make the most of my syrup?

So clearly I am not cooking it high enough even though my thermometer says 300F. In looking back (especially with the first 2 attempts, I realize it is possible that my thermometer was not well covered in the mixture. I'm wondering with my small batch, if the thermometer is not being covered enough? Should I be using the 'drop some in the water' technique and compare it to the current thermometer temperature, or should I double my batch so my thermometer is well covered?
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