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Green Hornet

Head Chef
Jan 20, 2006
Port st. Lucie, Florida
Not sure where to post this.The Wifey got me the neatest thing from a store called Brookstone. A wireless remote thermometer. It has a probe about 5 inches long that goes to a tramsmitter and a reciever that looks like a cell phone. It has both a belt clip and a table stand. Programable for beef pork lamb chicken fish. Has a digital temp readout and gives you an alert, in stages of doneness, a lovely ladies voice says "Yer entree is finished!" I tried to find the range of the thing and walked around the house and went out to the street and had no problems cooking a chicken with it. She got it on clearence for about $35. Guess I am going to have to keep her around for a while I guess! =D>
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