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May 9, 2010
Syracuse, NY
Hello everyone :).

I found this message board while looking up "American saffron" on Google, and I figured this board would be right up my alley. I have been making soups for my lunch at work for the past 2 and a half years, and recently I have been doodling with risottos. I'm just a hack really: soups are pretty easy, and so are risottos, but past that I'm not much of a chef. I enjoy some fine dining here or there, but I'm up for diner food as well (nothing beats a BLT and bland mac salad w/ a Mountain Dew :dew: from a local diner when I run out of soup on a Friday).

My wife and I also watch the cooking shows: Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Anthony Bourdain, Good Eats (yeah, I read some ppl say he's just an actor who wanted to be on TV, but we like his show regardless :)), Iron Chef (both versions), Guy Fieri (Hey, I said I liked diner food too :angel:), Bobby Flay's Throwdown, etc. If nothing else is on, we'll watch just about any cooking show.

My wife is also interested in raw food, and not only have we dined at raw food restaurants, but she also prepares raw food dishes from time to time. She's tried to go raw a few times, but in the end she has to have a hot meal. (From the outside of the raw food community, I observe that most raw food guru's don't even claim to be 100% raw, though some of the followers claim so.) Some of the raw food dishes are great, especially the deserts: my wife makes a killer avocado chocolate pie w/ raspberries. Right now she is only dabbling in raw food: we are both omnivores most of the time.

Here are some of the soups and stews I have made in the past few years: beef and barley (or brown rice), beef and barley w/ caramelized onions, mulligatawny, minestrone, ratatouille (sometimes with catfish or Italian sausage, sometimes meatless), Thai inspired lemon-grass soup, split pea soup (with ham shoulder or kielbasa), kale and white beans soup, chicken and rice soup, black bean soup, etc, etc. Today's soup is gumbo-inspired, and I was even able to find the file' powder at Wegmans.

Now that summer is right around the corner (though it snowed here earlier today) we will probably go down to the Ithaca Farmer's Market soon for some local produce, and I'll probably make a minestrone the next day. Maybe even swing by the Moosewood for lunch (amateurish service, but good food). I can't wait until the local corn comes out later in the summer: nothing like chomping down on a raw corn on the cob (tho we like it hot with butter and salt as well).

Anyway, peace to all.



Apr 20, 2010
Hello and welcome to DC forum Neat! :) Hope you enjoy your stay! Lots of great stuff here...
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