Ninja dual air fryer (UK)

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Nov 3, 2015
York (UK)
Hi I am in (UK). Just got this and fell on the first hurdel. Fish and chip. How simple should this be. Page 10 has chunkey oven chip in the air frying section and French fries (page 12) in the Max crisp section. French fries has no temperature in the table just 15 mins for 500g.
Peeling a potatoe and cutting it up is not the same as processed oven chips and it is not going to be french fries like McDonnalds.
Tried contacting Ninja but they are still using the old Covid internet phone that breaks up.
Can someone tell me a temperature and time for basic home cooking chips?

ALSO. Found a bag of McCaines oven chips in the freezer. Does this need extra time because it is frozen?


P.S. any websites and or books that I could buy.

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