"No Cook" Fridays

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Jul 10, 2006
northern NJ
I don't cook on Friday, either...but we always eat. For the most part, we enjoy cocktails, Lou brings soft pretzels from Philly, and I set out a platter of cheeses, olives, seasonal fruits and either sliced chicken, ham or beef....great jazz station in the background.

It's light, nutritional and easy as can be.


Sep 25, 2007
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
How about a compromise? Make a crock-pot meal, which requires minimal preparation and, then, go out for dessert. Doesn't have to be too expensive or fussy. You could feel like a child and go to an ice cream store and have a double-dip ice cream cone and share (romantically).

We are actually doing a crock-pot meal this Friday because we are babysitting our 4 year old nephew, so it's easier to crock it that spend time in the kitchen.

I posted to this earlier but apparently "something" happened. My suggestion was: cheese, meats, easy appetizers (wings, marinated, buffalo, etc. - they are easy to do and fairly inexpensive), fruits, breads, (the olive oil/olives mentioned above), etc. But make it a picnic. Toss a blanket on the living room floor, music (or make it a picnic/movie night), candles, etc. Finger foods only!!!!! Even a salad can be made and then wrapped burrito style in a piece of green-leaf lettuce. It doesn't matter if it's messy - it's just fun!

I love it!!! That DOES sound like fun. I am always looking for ways to have a picnic.

So since this Friday is crock pot, maybe next Friday will be picnic night! Thanks!

You guys have some great ideas. I like the 2 for 1 coupon idea, too, which we do take advantage of sometimes, but unfortunately it's mostly for McD's :sick:. Thanks again to everyone that made suggestions! I will certainly be referring back here often to refresh my memory.
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