Non-stick pan retaining odors

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Nov 16, 2007
I recently bought a 1-quart saucepan from the new Circulon Espree line (hard anodized, non-stick). I've used it only a few times, and I find that it's retaining odors, especially if I warm tomato sauce. I looked on Circulon's website, and they say food can sometimes build-up in the ridges of the "Hi-Lo" interior, and recommend boiling a vinegar solution. There was no build-up, but I tried the vinegar anyway, and it did remove or neutralize most of the odor, but not all - and, in any case, I'm certainly not going to do that every time I cook. I have noticed that after I use it to cook other foods, the odor fades over time, but the tomato sauce odor tends to remain longer.

For comparison, I bought a 1-quart Simply Calphalon pan, and found that while it wasn't as pronounced, it was doing the same thing. I also have an old, inexpensive non-stick stir fry pan that I rarely use, and I find it behaves as the Calphalon pan does - it retains odors, but not as badly and not for as long as does the Circulon. I never noticed it before.

I called Circulon, and was told it isn't a known problem. The woman to whom I spoke told me she has a set of Circulon non-stick, and hasn't experienced this. It's been years since I bought a non-stick pan. I was going to buy a few more pieces, but now I'm hesitant. Is this a common issue with non-stick? Has anyone else tried the new Circulon Espree/Contempo line?
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