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Apr 15, 2013
Elizabeth City
I spent the day out in the country with my cousins and we went to a little seafood place. Had pan-seared shrimp, french fries, green beans, and hush puppies.


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Sep 13, 2010
near Montreal, Quebec
I had a craving for Greek food from our favourite Greek resto. I checked DoorDash. It said they would open at 5PM on Saturday. We went to order at a little past 5PM and now it said that they would open at 5PM on Tuesday. Phooey! It was late to start supper and I really didn't feel like it at that point, so we decided to order from one of our favoured Italian restos. DH ordered a dish that had "Grilled chicken, goat cheese, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, extra virgin olive oil". I tasted it. It was very good. I ordered the "
Piatto di salumi: Prosciutto di parma, cacciatore, spicy salami, speck, parmesan, provolone, sweet gorgonzola, grilled artichokes, semi-dried cherry tomatoes, fig mustard". I have had that before and it's lovely. The "fig mustard" is a fig jam. I think calling it mustard is weird and might be a mistranslation of some sort, but they called it "moutarde de figues " in French, so not the typical, Montreal menu typo. After we ordered, I remembered that there is a much smaller, much closer Italian resto that we enjoy. It turns out that we quite enjoy the three closest Italian restos, all less than a mile by car. One about 5 minutes away on foot.

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