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Assistant Cook
Mar 6, 2010
So i just moved out from my parents house a little while ago where i had the honor of using great knives all the time... now i find myself without a Chef knife that is up to the standard i am use to... So heres my question... I want a Chef knife... just a chef knife I'm willing to spend whatever. I've been looking at the Shun Classic 8.25".... any recommendations? My girlfriend who i'm now living with has every knife but a chef knife... so please don't say buy a set... or save some money... I want to waste some money... I don't have a tv, I live in a little apartment... I work all the time... I want to be able to cut through my girlfriends dull knives when they upset me... is that to much to ask?

Rob Babcock

Head Chef
Dec 23, 2004
Big Sky Country
I don't have a TV, either.:LOL: Haven't for years. Yes, it's good to have a quality knife. The Shun you're looking at is okay, the Elite is better, but neither is really ideal, at least for me. They're too "German" in shape- I prefer a French/Japanse (gyuto) shape. Unless you must have a Shun I'd suggest there are many better options (eg Tojiro, Akifusa, Hattori...there are so many choices).

Chief Longwind Of The North

Aug 26, 2004
There are truly many good knives out there. I thoroughly enjoy my Chroma, 10 inch chef's knife - Chroma Knives - Kitchen Knives and Cutlery by Chroma, Porsche Knives, Chroma Cutlery, Chroma Chef's Knives But I'm not going to tell you that it's the be-all/end-all of of chef's knives. It is a very good knife, and has been my go-to blade since I got it as a Christmas present six years back. It's still as good as the day I pulled it from its package. But I've seen and used other knives that did the job just as well.

If you can, look in a cutlery shop, or kitchen supply store. You should be able to try out the knife at the store. That way, you can find a handle that matches your hand, and your cutting style. In my house, I even have a butcher's knife that my Grandpa used back in the 1940's, maybe longer, definitely before I was born. This knife is high-carbon steel, takes an edge very easily, and sliced through meats like crazy. It just needs to be oiled every time I use it to prevent rust.

Things to look for in a good knife:
1. Straight grind from heel to edge (Avoid hollow-ground knnives)
2. V, or convex cutting edge shape
3. Sufficient belly (the curve that runs from the bolster to the knife tip)
4. Quality, stain-resistant steel
5. Proper blade length for your cutting style, and application
6. Comfortable, and well made handle

I purchased an 8 inch ceramic knife for my daughter last Christmas. She adores it. And I have to admit, that though my knife is every bit as sharp as hers is, hers slides through things like crusty bread, or a tough veggie, such as rutabaga easier than mine does. I believe the ceramic blade has a lower drag coefficient than the steel blade on my knife. On the other hand, my knife is tougher, and able to withstand more abuse.

Every good knife has strengths and weaknesses. Some like their knives heavier, while others want a feather-light knife that is wicked sharp. Only you can really judge how well a knife performs for you. If you have friends with good knifes, ask if you can try them out. explain that you are trying to find the right knife for you. And remember, that once a person purchases a product, their own ego sometimes makes it difficult to admit that the product is less than perfect. Most of us have succumbed to that issue at one time or another in our life. Just because someone says they have the perfect knife, that doesn't make it so. I'm sorry to say that none of us can really tell you what the best knife for you is. We can only tell you why we like the knives that we use. For instance, I love my Chroma knife as much because my wife purchased it for me, and had it lazer engraved with my name on it, as I do for the way it performs. It's possible that there are better knives out there, but not for me. My knife is wicked sharp, and remains that way with very little effort, cuts as easily through a piece of meat as it does a cucumber, or a rutabaga, is easy to control, is super easy to clean, and resists pitting or staining when I get too busy and forget to wash it right away. I expect to hand it down to one of my kids when I'm too old to use it anymore. I also purchased the same knife for my youngest son, who is a professional cook and budding chef. He loves it like no other knife he's used. That's good enough for me.

Find your personal favorite. And don't take believe any of us unconditionally about knives. Rob Babcock know a bunch about knives, but is a self proclaimed knife fanatic. His knives probably make mine seem like an over-sized butter knife for how sharp they are. But I expect that he's put a bunch more money and time into his knives than I'm willing to. My knife does what I want it to. It allows me to prepare foods for cooking, and serving, is sharp enough to slice through anything I use it for, and sustains the beating I put it through.

That's my two cents worth.

Seeeeeeya; Goodweed of the North


Executive Chef
Moderator Emeritus
Aug 31, 2004
SE Pennsylvania
Swiss Army VIctorinox make a fine series of cooking knives. Nothing fancy, just very sharp and sustainable in food service conditions. It's what I travel with rather than take my fancy knives onthe road. About $30. recommended by Cooks Illustrated.


Senior Cook
Nov 1, 2008
May I recomend you check out the website " Canadian Cutlery INC " then go to the shopping area, their ERGO PLUS 8 inch chefs knife with granton blade. product number 52010-200 winewood handle or 92010-200 black POM handle. It is as good as any knife I own and very comfotable. I have sabatier carbon steel,henkles,victornox,Dick and chicogo knives to name a few. And the online price is really good $ 53. cdn !! I also have their long slicing/carving knife
You can spend more but I don't think you will be any happier. Regards Gage

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