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Jun 24, 2007
Berks Cty, Pa.
Was in the city over the weekend and hit the South Phila Italian 9th Street Market.
I only consider buying things not available in local supermarkets. I did buy some Squid that was fresh and about half price.
A favorite store is Claudio's Specialty Store, which is really a cheese shop. Walking in the front door you have to turn or walk into 200 pound hanging imported cheeses. The ceiling have pipes crisscrossing with cured meats and cheeses hanging down.
The counter has 5 or 6 Italian guys working the customers. The banter is worth the money spent. They treat everyone like good friends. I bought some imported Parmesan cheese which is amazing stuff. Not the waxy crap in supermarkets. You have to try some at least once. While the guy is cutting it from a wheel, he slips me a slice for tasting; without asking, and really, after the sale. That's the way to do business. Got me some outstanding Asiago too. I always pick up a couple of Soppressata. Nowhere else are they as good, or done right. They are a little soft, so I'll hang them in the basement till firmed up and till they are hard to cut. Claudio has a website which I believe offers mail order. It is very much worth looking into.
I took a couple of shots of the best steak shop in Phila. Lorenzo's at 9th & Christians St. It doesn't look like much, but the steaks are killers. I like the store hours; 11 am to 4 am. Screw Geno's and Pat's gristle sammys.
I took a couple of shots of the street stands which don't capture the atmosphere. One shot shows a fruit stand where iced down displays can be seen to the right which is a fish monger. They must have 50 different species of fish. Everything from Spearing (look like minnows) up the 15 pounders. I saw 24" whole Sharks. Not sure how they are cooked up.



Sep 9, 2010
Sounds like a fun place to live and eat. Surprised you didnt see Sylvester Stallone beating up on a side of swinging beef. The little sharks I used to catch around Corpus just got gutted and skinned then sliced up crosswise into steaks. Tastes just like chicken.

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